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Each of us faces garden design challenges from adding or minimizing elevation, navigating the garden with pathways, adding features to attract wildlife, add privacy, incorporate edibles, or create a greater sense of well-being. Eight designers are being put to the test with this year's Showcase Garden theme: Today's Trends! Each garden will incorporate solutions to common landscape challenges. You'll discover solutions that will inspire you to look at your garden differently, expanding the possibilities for your outdoor living enjoyment. The garden creators will be on hand to answer your questions and to help you turn your landscape into the garden of your dreams—in one fell swoop or one step at a time!

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2015 Designers' Challenge Showcase Gardens

Eat, Play, Glove
Dennis' 7 Dees Landscaping & Garden Centers

Our garden begins and ends with family and friends as the impetus of our design. While paying close attention to today’s trends in landscaping across the country (see below), we set out to create a multi-functional space that allows engagement in activities which have always fostered lasting connections and memories among family and friends; especially when done outdoors – unplugged and free of today’s countless distractions.

EAT -- The dinner table has always been a place to reflect on the day while sharing a great meal. Our edible landscape alongside the outdoor dining room means fresh herbs and vegetables at the ready. It’s elegant open air dining the way it should be.

PLAY -- Kids need an outdoor space for imagination and free play to take over the artificial world of created by electronics. Our play house in the trees is just the place for kids to have clubs and pretend the space around them is much more than it really is. Don’t forget the adults either. Our outdoor living room provides a most enjoyable space for simply enjoying the company of others while surrounded by soothing sights and sounds.

GLOVE -- Getting your hands a little dirty while tending to the garden has always been a great form of relaxation and enjoyment for many. While not requiring tons of attention, our design provides just the right amount and size of opportunity to enjoy gardening on a smaller scale. We created unique spaces that can be easily tended to in a short period of time with only a pair of gloves, pruners and a trowel.

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Eat, Drink and Be Merry
Showscapes Landscaping Inc.

It’s time to eat, drink and be merry…outdoors! Our moms always told us to "go play outside" which is good advice to live by as an adult as well. It’s a well-documented fact that getting outdoors creates happier and healthier families, individuals and communities. With our increasing dependency on the Internet and a multitude of social media, everyone is spending less and less time outdoors. Our goal is to reverse this trend and get you to open the door to an interactive outdoor living area that beckons you to get outside to relax, re-charge and rejuvenate. Enjoy making dinner in your outdoor kitchen, challenge someone to a game of Bocce Ball, pick some blueberries for dessert, relax around the fire pit with a good glass of wine, unplug after an inspired day at work in your studio. Before you know it you will be spending more time in the moment with families and friends, in a happier, healthier environment.

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Modern Simplicity
Western Interlock Inc.

Contemporary design for simple outdoor living.

This garden was created with a relaxing spa oasis within a functional family backyard, offering a retreat that will provide an essential element for happy and full lives. This design is complete with hot tub, outdoor kitchen, shower, fireplace, and much more!

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Your Own Northwest Paradise
Northwest Outdoor Living and Landscapes

Imagine not wanting to go back into your house?

Northwest Outdoor Living and Landscapes creates ‘Outdoor Rooms’ that do just that.

Find out what our customers have been saying for over 25 years, about our designs that complement the environment and keep you warm, dry and cozy.

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Toe dippin'...Wine sippin'...Timeless Pleasures
LMeyer Design and JP Stone Contractors Inc.

Trends come and go, but some of the best trends are those that age gracefully. This applies to garden design as well as other aspects of life.

Timelessness is a trend that when designing a garden helps create tranquility and well-being. From this can emerge creativity, contentment, and satisfaction. Including those natural factors that provide the basis to achieve a timeless garden is to create that space for life, a place of fulfillment.

We have created a garden that brings together elements that contribute to an overall feeling of comfort. Being able to relax in your surroundings allows a greater ability to live life to its fullest.

We’ve used the calming sound of water as well as the reflectiveness of a still pool to create an island oasis for respite. Go ahead, dip those toes in! Feed the soul with the warmth from a fireplace paired with a custom built table to sip that wine and dine with family and friends. Get a light-hearted feeling with those touches of whimsy peeking out of foliage, regain your sense of humor. And the plants! Texture, movement, color, scent….oh my! Plants beneficial to sustaining necessary insects, bees, and birds; all just another aspect of the experience.

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A Place for Family and Friends
Matt Sander Landscape Services

Imagine a garden as that special place where you go to dream. As you take in the play of sunlight, the sounds of nature you start to slow down and savor life.

This backyard living space was designed with family and friends in mind.

The covered eating pavilion, with outdoor kitchen, stone and steel fire pit combine to create a beautiful and functional extension of the home.

The essence of Pacific outdoor living is echoed in the unique use of stone and heavy timbers.

A pond with stone water wall blends with and compliments the natural surroundings in a way that nature would envy.

A place your family and friends will never want to leave . . .

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Why Go Inside?
Design Resource Group (DRG) Landscaping

As the outdoor spaces grows more popular for personal landscapes, so does the need to creating a space that houses multiple applications. Yards nowadays are not as big days past, so how do you include the entire family, guest and children without compromising the existing homes landscape. We must learn to blend the idea of backyard into the outdoor family room, where guests can visit one night, kids can play all weekend, and families can have time together daily.

We at DRG landscaping look forward to coming up with ideas together this weekend. Stop by the booth, enjoy, talk, play...and relax.

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