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Each of us faces garden design challenges from adding or minimizing elevation, navigating the garden with pathways, adding features to attract wildlife, add privacy, incorporate edibles, or create a greater sense of well-being. Eight designers are being put to the test with this year's Showcase Garden theme: Today's Trends! Each garden will incorporate solutions to common landscape challenges. You'll discover solutions that will inspire you to look at your garden differently, expanding the possibilities for your outdoor living enjoyment. The garden creators will be on hand to answer your questions and to help you turn your landscape into the garden of your dreams—in one fell swoop or one step at a time!

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2014 Showcase Gardens Time Lapse Video

Take a look at last year's Showcase Gardens at the 2014 Yard, Garden & Patio Show with this time lapse video!

2015 Designers' Challenge Showcase Gardens

Come Alive Outside
Dennis' 7 Dees Landscaping & Garden Centers

Living in Oregon definitely has its benefits, but our climate poses real challenges allowing us to comfortably enjoy the outdoors year-round…especially in our own yards. Throw in the competition of massive HDTVs, gaming systems, smartphones and a comfortable couch and its becoming increasingly difficult to encourage a relationship with the outside, something that was once pretty much commonplace just a decade ago. We set out to change that. We're creating a backyard environment suitable for most homes, fostering a place for more unique seasonal experiences in comfort and style. A place outside that you might just find families and friends wanting to spend time together relaxing, sharing and conversing rather than updating, tweeting and texting. We hope you enjoy our garden, which inspires you to 'Come Alive Outside'. [View the Garden Design]

Inside Out: A Family Portrait
All Oregon Landscaping Inc.

A challenge becomes opportunity as we create multiple rooms from a small lot. Family is the focus with space for relaxation, celebration, and meditation; addressing the needs of each member. A portrait is crafted from components, as is our garden. Each room is a functional and beautiful piece on its own. When brought together, a masterpiece is created. Just like family. This is a place of rejuvenation. Walk in the entrance, listen to the waterfall and clear your mind. Come and gather in the kitchen; feast at the table. Step in the living room; relax and connect with friends next to the fireplace. If solitude is what you desire, wander through the trees to a room made for rest and reflection.

Life. Together. Outside. A garden portrait designed for family by All Oregon Landscaping Inc. [View the Garden Design]

Abstract Reflections
Autumn Leaf Landscaping Inc.

The elements of a unique space are often captured by the human senses upon introduction. Autumn Leaf Landscaping has designed a garden to stimulate your senses with reflection and animated colors. The garden space directs you into separate outdoor rooms using modern elements and textures.

Our garden will defy all odds of outdoor small spaces by turning a flat canvas into partitioned rooms through contemporary lines and northwest textures. Within the garden, fire dances on top of water creating a back drop to the contemporary patio structure that doubles as a greenhouse. A secluded upper patio is defined by horizontal integrated light screens with wrap around vegetation. The combination of steel accent walls and stone veneers make this urban garden visible in any back yard. Truly a place to enjoy! [View the Garden Design]

A Family Retreat
Design Resource Group

Spending time together outside as a family means melding many personalities, as well as wants and needs. The challenge is to have a piece of all these wants and needs blended together to keep the dynamic personal. With smaller plots and so many options on how you want to use your landscape, it becomes a challenge to design the "Family Retreat". Our goal is to give pieces of everyone's ideal outdoor experience while still enjoying the environment as a whole. [View the Garden Design]

A Bountiful Feast...trowel to table
Jenna Bayer Garden Design, Inc. and Showscapes, Inc.

Collaborating with clients and friends is the challenge and the fun in what we, as designers and builders do every day. By incorporating dreams into functional and successful garden spaces, we create possibilities for leisure, learning, and liberation.

A Bountiful Feast....trowel to table offers a whimsical place to grow a garden and to grow ideas. Built for the creative, busy person who wants to play, work and entertain in one small space. Garden elements include raised beds filled with organic vegetables, herbs and fruit, flowering vines and pollinators; a coop of laying hens; a compost transfer station; mason bee display; found art; sustainable water feature and irrigation system; and a gathering area with fireplace. Enjoy! [View the Garden Design]

Small Lot, Big Entertainment, Take 2...
LMeyer Design and JP Stone Contractors Inc.

Problematic site conditions, large structures on small urban lots, considerable slopes that expose your life to surrounding properties: all of these challenges can be met head on to create functional, sophisticated spaces with touches of whimsy and character. Even though that large evergreen needs to remain, the garden beneath need not be a garden of ill repute, one of no dynamic. Steep slopes can be tamed with spirit and functionality. And what about privacy from the looming adjacent property? Stylish overheads, screens, and plantings all combine to create an oasis dreamt by all. [View the Garden Design]

The Art of Tranquility
Treeline Designz and JSI Landscapes

The Art of Tranquility garden creates a sense of privacy and enclosure, and garden elements such as water and art divert attention from everyday stresses. This urban sanctuary encourages an inward journey of meditation and contemplation. Natural materials and hand-crafted art meld the energies of the earth and the spirits of the artists into a tranquil, healing setting.

You are invited to spin contemporary prayer wheels as you enter the spare but flowing retreat. Trees shelter your path as the burdens of the city fall away. Follow the path to the meditation platform where you will feel the fresh air generated from the waterfall while contemplating the peaceful Zen cloud garden. [View the Garden Design]